Customer: Mol Group

ERE Recruiting Excellence Award winner with Mol Freshhh and Growww programmes in 2014.




MOL needs the best employees as a market leader oil company operating more than 40 countries. Because of this, it is not enough to lean on the traditional recruitment tools in order to find the best talents.



The company chose the Intersim group as a supplier after creating the Freshhh concept. The attendance turn into oil tycoons because of the aim is to lead their own Oil Company successfully according to the geological and economical givens. It is not an easy task for the students came from all over the World, because they have to know the industrial technologies and the principles of strategic business management. There is a big Intersim development in the background of the program. We improve the game engine and the surface since 2012 which helped for 20 virtual years in leading an Oil Company focused on downstream activity.



Several attendance of the final can be found in the leadership of MOL.

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