Customer: KPMG



KPMG has to pay particular attention to discover and acquire the young talents. The key to success is to propagate the company and the accountant profession as well as to find the employees with outstanding abilities.



Our team works together with KPMB since 2007 in order to develop continuously the BigOne game. The competition is based on an economic simulation whereby the participants have to provide solutions as colleague of an imaginary consulting firm to business cases. The three person teams take part in the online game for three weeks. They do audits in different topics in this period. Interviewees and the leaders of the examined companies are allowed to help to the participants besides their own tools. The game evaluates the solutions automatically and based on this evaluation the first 10 teams will be invited to the award that is held in the HQ of the company.



Several employee of the company started as a BigOne competitor and they are applied to KPMG

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